Introduction To My Blog – Week 2

Hey Guys, Welcome to my blog.

This is my first blog, i hope you guys check out the links which I will provide at the end of this. Take a look, read, think, create and be inspired!

The purpose of my blog is to express my ideas, opinions, new technology and provide technical support on some devices; to get it “out there” to the community.  By doing this I am aiming to help not only my peers by expressing my experiences so that they can learn from them. Not only that but it is also a fantastic way to obtain other’s opinions and ideas. It is a great way of sourcing information, learning and receiving feedback. This is a great way to collaborate with each other and help each other out by any means.

To create useful posts in which readers would view and comment, there are a few key points in which I will be using in order to accomplish this. These points are as follows

  1. Useful information
  2. Images (step by step guide if neccessary)
  3. Links to other blogs/websites
  4. Keeping posts updated and up to date

With the use of these strategies I am hoping to gain the attention of  readers therefore receiving comments and replies to my post, hopefully this will improve my ideas and opinions and also obtain new information or any that I have missed. So guys, feel free to comment and post!!

In order to obtain readership there are many ways in which you can achieve this. Social networking would probably suit most people as it is a great way of distributing your blog across the internet. By posting your blog onto Facebook, Twitter or even Google+ your networked friends will be able to view it and they can then direct their friends to it. By doing this your blog slowly gets across to other users. As with anything, this has a down side; your wall could be blasted with posts that decrease your branding name hence you will lose some readers and your blogs will not be read at all. This is even evident on proper blog sites (sites not related to social networking i.e Facebook etc) with Facebook the administrator is able to block the person and delete the post. This is a good thing as you would not want that post to remain there forever. By blocking them on Facebook, they will never be able to view your wall and will be unable to post discriminating posts.

Below are a few links to direct you all to what I think are excellent blogs, click on the image to be navigated to the site.

Gizmodo – Is a technology weblog about consumer electronics. It is part of the Gawker Media network run by Nick Denton and is known for up-to-date coverage of the technology industry. Bloggers provide up-to-date coverage by hearing rumours, attending special functions such as CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and also personal use of a product (reviews). Images are provided to us readers to give as all a perspective of what the bloggers are talking about. Lets face it, we all need some photos and images to go along with our texts. Otherwise…. we wont know what the product looks like!

Digital Buzz – Provides us with the latest digital campaign, fantastic new websites, interactive marketing ideas social media, and great digital trends from all over the world. All of us would love this, digital trends from all over the world to inspire us and to create ideas. It is a great blog jammed packed full of videos imported in via youtube.

The Future Buzz  -Provides us readers  the digital marketing and  social media. Readers are inspired to think creatively about leveraging the web for their business, art or clients. Subscribe and stay up to date with the latest trends, insights and strategies. Heaps of information from a professional in the field. This blog explains the one thing which we all need such as: How to start a blog, reasons why you should blog etc. I highly recommend this site as it is packed with information which we all need.

These are a few which I think are excellent as they are updated and new information is available daily. There are many more excellent blogs out there which would be useful to anyone. I suggest taking your time and look for blogs that appeal to you or suited to what you are looking for.

The right blog for you is out there, so get out there and take a look!


22 responses to “Introduction To My Blog – Week 2

  1. hi !

    i like your blog layout.maybe becasue it has similar colour as anyway i agree with your points on keeping useful info and pics of step by step instruciton. it would be really useful.

    • Thanks heaps, It is so hard nowadays following instructions without any images. This isn’t just happening on blogs, its also happening on assembling instructions (for example furniture). By providing a step by step image it would be easier for the readers to read or follow. Usually with images (set by step images) your wouldn’t need to explain much, they can follow via images which is great! 🙂

  2. I agree with your idea that using social network especially facebook and twitter. As we known, facebook and twitter have more visitors and wider relationship.Making the best use of it can have substantial influence on developing your readership. …And I also like the blogs you recommend, coz I’m an international student, I’m not familiar with the social tools in Australia, you give me a good example. Thank you.

    • Yes it certainly does. I can’t wait for Google+ to become available. In my opinion more people would use Google services for business and Facebook /Twitter for social activities. Well….. thats what I do, my Gmail is for work and my other email account is for social emailing.

      Once Google+ is released I will be using it for blogging rather than using it for social activities with friends.

  3. Hi,

    I really like your post,that is very detail about how to make a successful blog with personal strategies .As you mentioned ,if people keep updating information with their blog ,and also commenting others ,their blog will be very popular and attractive .Although there are few points about how to creat a useful post ,it still make senses.I believe if people can do some specific informaiton about their article ,they can be successed .

    let’s keep in tough


  4. Nice blog, like the layout 😉 Like the fact that you’re going to use the blog as an instructional tool as well to show off your expertise.

  5. Hi

    Im liking the look of your blog! reading posts and navigating around is very appealing. Great post, i especially agree with posts require usefull information as that is why readers are reading your blog in the first place. keep up the good work

  6. As i am new to the blogging environment, i would like to point out that this post was insightful on where to get started, it also conveyed a great step by step process of blogging strategies as well as way to make your blog available to the broader public. Gizmodo is a great example provided of a good blog

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