Wikinomics Business Model – Week 3

Hi guys,

This week is about wikinomics business models, as you can see that I am up very late trying to finish this blog. It took me ages to find companies or enterprises that use some of the business models (i.e peer, being open, sharing and acting global).

Wikinomics is all about collaboration within the companies and enterprise 2.0, today I will be focusing on Companies whom are well into technology; whom also supply the technology to be used for web 2.0 purposes as well and by enterprises.

The first company in which I think may use this is Samsung. Apple has been collaborating with Samsung on LCD screens, in which Samsung has developed and are being tested. Apple seems very interested in Samsungs quad extended graphics (QXGA), this is a displaywith a high resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels which will provide full high definition (HD) viewing experiences to users. So in my opinion Samsung is using “peer” by collaborating with Apple (a rival) and also “shares” Samsung’s intellectual property to foster relationships, contributing holistically to industry growth (tablets). Not just that but LG has also been involved in this, so there are three companies collaborating and sharing hardware to create in my opinion; relationships (although Apple is suing Samsung over patent matters). I could not seem to find anything on Acting Global, All I know is that Samsung has done very well with their devices, especially in the “screens department. Most rivals want the hardware and technology. Would this count as acting global? You guys tell me what you think.

Because Web 2.0 is growing, it means that it is getting bigger and bigger everyday. Everything nowadays is all about visual for example; interviews through Skype (social media), Youtube videos etc. The screen resolution will have to improve visibility for web browsing, viewing pictures/photos, watching videos and face to face conversation/conferences online. Documents can be clear if the person is holding them up to the camera and thus the receiving person can view it. This will surely boost web 2.0. It is definately getting bigger and better everyday.

The second company is you guessed it, Apple. Apple has collaborated with Nike in the past to deliver a sports sensor in which iPhone’s and iPod’s can connect to cardio equipment. You may already know this but in the past Apple and Nike collaborated and came up with a sensor for some of their shoes in which it tracks the distances of runs and other information. Apple wishes to take it further so that it could focus building relationships within the gyms and the people who use them. Nikes apps which are released on itunes are  Nike Training Club and Boom. In my opinion Apple has used “peer” with Nike, being open to gym, fitness and personal uses. And “acting global” as Apple is the leader in smart devices and they collaborated with Nike to help global citizens keep fit. And also “sharing” for Apple to share this app with the gym, it would create a huge growth not only in their smart devices but also in Nikes sporting wears and gym memberships. Below is a quick video of the training app which Nike has Published with the help of Apple.

This app can record data to give you your result, this benefits you because you do not have to manually record data as it is all stored. the best thing about this is that you can send the data to your personal trainer through Facebook and email. By using web 2.0 it benefits all gym junkies as they can share their statistics online through social media.

So what do you guys think? Do these 2 companies use the Wikinomics Business Model? Subscribe on the right and leave a comment below and I shall talk to you soon!



22 responses to “Wikinomics Business Model – Week 3

  1. That is a great post,man.I can follow you idea step by step.During you introduced some companies ,those relate to wikinomics.But i would like to say ,i think there are some grammer and spelling mistakes like what i did in my blog ,i would like to share the experience with you to make your blog greater.One more thing i need to say,perhaps because my ability is limited ,which will affect my judgement,if so ,ignore that please!

    • Hi Pip,

      Thanks for pointing that out to me, as you may know…..I was up until 4:00am doing this so please forgive me about the spelling and grammar issues. Thank you for pointing that out, I have fixed it up.
      Im glad that the companies which I chose relate to Wikinomics, thanks for reading and leaving feedback!

  2. Wikinomics focus on open, peer, share and globalization. So I think both use the Wikinomics model coz they adopt the peer production and share information. Good example, i am glad to get so usefull knowledge from you.

    • Thanks, as time progresses I am sure that more companies will adopt this business model. At some point a company will create an amazing technology and other companies would want to use it. It is already evident from my paragraph about Apple and Samsung

  3. Thanks for your introduction of wikinomics. I have no idea about this before. By your blog, I can have a rough understanding of the collaboration economy. Sharing information and peer production seems to be a new way for both small and large-scale companies.

    • Yes it is, it is great to finally see two companies get together to borrow technology, hardware and ideas. Lets hope more companies get together and adopt this business model. We may see some interesting things coming from the technology side of the industry

  4. Some great examples Vy. Another interesting avenue that these enterprise 2.0 strategies are opening up for organisations is a way to leverage ‘crowd sourcing’. There is an increasing number of companies turning to large undefined online communities for tasks or problem solving and enterprise 2.0 tools are making this a cheap and effective solution.

    • Thanks Evan. Yes as you stated that there are an increasing amount of companies out there using Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 tools to turn to a larger community for tasks etc.. A great example of this is Optus and Telstra using Facebook to troubleshoot and connecting with consumers (customers) it sure beats calling them up and spending minutes on hold but then to be transferred overseas. The beauty about this is that you get to talk “chat” on the “wall” with a national person and not having to wait forever on the phone. Just post a comment and go, you will definitely get a notification once they answer your question. Also Optus also has a “chat live” link on their site where you can speak directly an agent (person). What a great way of using web 2.0 and enter[rise 2.0 tools 🙂

  5. I had no idea that apple and Samsung and apple wer collaborating on HD graphics displays. Somebody told me that the apps great but it only works with Nike shoes? Which means new shoes and phone, suppose depends what you want.

    • Yes Samsung and Apple are in collaboration with the new HD screens, it just comes to show that its all business and money ahahah. In regards to your query about the Nike shoes the app is amazing and yes it only works with the nike shoes. Because the apple iPhone is so common i suppose Nike approached Apple with the idea so it might be a patent of some sort which is highly probable since no other sporting company has been able to get to create a similar app.

  6. How on earth did Samsung collaborated with Apple when Apple took them to court for “copying” the iPhone? The irony lol.. That being said, i doubt Apple will produce better screen panels for the iPhone than Samsung would. Anyway, perhaps you could tell me what are the social networking tools they can use for collaboration? Great post!

    • Yes thats so ironic right? Apple sues Samsung, Samsung countersues Apple. Apple then says “hey, lets talk about your screens and how we would like to implement it into our next device” lol. But in regards to your question, I think the tools used would be e-mails, VOIP (voice over internet protocol) such as Skype (multiple people on camera to commence meetings), some file sharing applications for example drop box in which in which they can share files to one another since Apple is located in America and Samsung is located in Korea. They would need these to contact each other as to meetings or deadlines etc. There are no mentions of what actual tools they use sue to privacy and security issues. But these are in my opinion something that they might and would use. Maybe not the exact tools, but other ones

  7. Hi Vy,

    Great post. This is actually my first time in discovering that lots of companies use web 2.0 tools. Before I read post, I thought that not many companies use tools like that due to security issues.

    Curtis Lau

    • Yes there are security flaws, it really depends on what tools they use and the types of security that these huge companies have. With the vast amount of resources they, in my opinion would have good security procedures applied.

    • Thanks Tony,

      The link in which you provided was very useful to me, I learnt a bit more than I already knew. It was great to hear the stories of other companies successes in using Wikinomics, stories about Yamaha and GoldCorp. Yamaha is now the largest motorcycle manufacturer thanks to Wikinomics. Thanks for the link mate.

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