Corporate Culture and Collaboration Strategy

Corporate culture and collaboration within a company can be improved and enhanced to create a successful methodology to implement social media strategies. Many companies have implemented this strategy with great success.

People usually find a company hard to understand they ask questions like: who are they? what do they do? who do they do it for? etc. These questions are commonly asked when reading about a company or when a company is rebranding. These questions can be answered by implementing this strategy. By implementing this strategy, it would reflect on the corporate culture to aid others in understanding the company. This provides an easy way to reach out to people and to tell them what the company is all about

The International Geological Congress (IGC), have already implemented have already implemented some strategies. In my opinion the IGC can benefit greatly from this strategy of implementing/improving/enhancing corporate culture and collaboration. My opinion is based on the fact that the IGC is held once every four years and attracts over  6000 delegates from over 100 countries all around the world. This strategy if implemented would provide an insight as to what is happening during the event and what happens on stage and off stage.

The main area in which this strategy will focus on os corporate culture, by using simple web 2.0 based tools such as blogging. The posts should consist of information in which people would find interesting. Below is a list of some information which should be used in the proposed blog, the information would grab the attention of others:

  • Upcoming Events
  • News Updates
  • Live Stream Footage/Audio
  • Input from delegates and professionals
  • Input from attendees
When I am interested in a particular item or event, I would keep track of the event itself by reading about the lead up to it. I also like to read the live updates and view the live streams either audio or video. This will provide me with viewers comments and opinions which is always a great thing to read. For example, one of my favourite events the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which is held each year. There are some websites that are dedicated to technology and provide up to date information, live audio streaming etc.

In my opinion IGC should create and share to the globe their company of an enjoyable, communal and dynamic society. This will provide IGC with a fun way of interacting with one another and with others. This will keep them fresh and fun which will help them in the long run.

In regards to blogging, there should be a few things which IGC should include on their blogging page. Tools from Facebook can be used, these tools are “status updates” and “check in”. This will expand their company and reach out to people who do not follow the company via blogs but follow them via reading. Another tool which would be useful is the “subscribe” tool, this allows followers to subscribe to one post and be notified if another post is posted or if comments are made on the subscribed post.


12 responses to “Corporate Culture and Collaboration Strategy

  1. Wow thanks for sharing those strategies,I have seen that IGC,someone talked about in his blog,that is also good.I believe those ways can build company’s brand dramatically,like posting some interesting and lastest news.If this blog can talk about those strategies more specific,how can be implemented ,it will be perfect.

  2. A well thought-out post! I like the point you made about building a community feeling around an event. It can be pretty hard with large-scale events like IGC, but I think social tools such as Facebook and blogs are the best way to go about it.
    Twitter can also be very valuable in promoting and enhancing conferences. A lot of conferences I’ve attended have used official hashtags leading up to, and during the event.
    There are also a few specialist tools (like Crowd Vine and Unsocial) on the market that are designed to enhance social networking during large-scale events.

  3. Great post! Even utilising corporate blogs for sharing information, for those that are not already members of any social network may also be a great use of Web 2.0?

    Just a thought 🙂

  4. Enjoyable post. I like your point about the update statues that make that makes the blog readable and worthy to read by the visitors of it. Specially, when you consider this point with IGC , as it needs more effort to be advertised and all know about it . again the update is so important and should implemented as A strategy .

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