The Use Of Wiki Within The Enterprise

As we all know business reputation and brand name is a really important key factor within any business. It is the face of the business, the greater the reputation, the more advantage they have with clients and customers. Today big and small businesses and companies thrive on competitive advantage to strengthen and increase their brand name and reputation within the business communities.

To accomplish the effective needs, big and small companies are slowly adopting web 2.0 technologies to help gain ground against its competitors. The use of web 2.0 technologies helps improve productivity and collaboration and is also used to promote and innovate. Wiki falls under the web 2.0 category and is highly used as a solution to collaborate online with ease. The use of wiki is slowly growing in the enterprise, it is a tool which all enterprises should use if they wish to improve the collaboration of employees and clients/customers.

If  the International Geological Conference (IGC) were to implement such a web 2.0 technology (wiki) the knowledge and understanding of management is required to maximise and increase the participation of employees within the group while keeping all business objectives in scope

Upon looking further into the wiki, Prime 5 were able to come up with strategical strategies that should be followed to ensure the successful implementation of the wiki within the enterprise.

Below is a list of strategies which where identified by Prime 5:

  1. ICG must implement the wiki into the organisation’s IT collaboration architecture.
  2. Assign a leader to each wiki and have that champion observe contributions that people make to the wiki
  3. An understanding of the wiki  “rules of conduct” must monitor and enforce
  4. Understand that the most difficult barrier to cross in sustaining a wiki is convincing people to edit others’ work
  5. Promote the activity of asking wiki participants to keep watching for repetitive activity to evolve and enhance wiki technology
Strategies: Wiki Strategy
Web 2.o Technologies: University of Melbourne

Corporate Culture and Collaboration Strategy

Corporate culture and collaboration within a company can be improved and enhanced to create a successful methodology to implement social media strategies. Many companies have implemented this strategy with great success.

People usually find a company hard to understand they ask questions like: who are they? what do they do? who do they do it for? etc. These questions are commonly asked when reading about a company or when a company is rebranding. These questions can be answered by implementing this strategy. By implementing this strategy, it would reflect on the corporate culture to aid others in understanding the company. This provides an easy way to reach out to people and to tell them what the company is all about

The International Geological Congress (IGC), have already implemented have already implemented some strategies. In my opinion the IGC can benefit greatly from this strategy of implementing/improving/enhancing corporate culture and collaboration. My opinion is based on the fact that the IGC is held once every four years and attracts over  6000 delegates from over 100 countries all around the world. This strategy if implemented would provide an insight as to what is happening during the event and what happens on stage and off stage.

The main area in which this strategy will focus on os corporate culture, by using simple web 2.0 based tools such as blogging. The posts should consist of information in which people would find interesting. Below is a list of some information which should be used in the proposed blog, the information would grab the attention of others:

  • Upcoming Events
  • News Updates
  • Live Stream Footage/Audio
  • Input from delegates and professionals
  • Input from attendees
When I am interested in a particular item or event, I would keep track of the event itself by reading about the lead up to it. I also like to read the live updates and view the live streams either audio or video. This will provide me with viewers comments and opinions which is always a great thing to read. For example, one of my favourite events the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which is held each year. There are some websites that are dedicated to technology and provide up to date information, live audio streaming etc.

In my opinion IGC should create and share to the globe their company of an enjoyable, communal and dynamic society. This will provide IGC with a fun way of interacting with one another and with others. This will keep them fresh and fun which will help them in the long run.

In regards to blogging, there should be a few things which IGC should include on their blogging page. Tools from Facebook can be used, these tools are “status updates” and “check in”. This will expand their company and reach out to people who do not follow the company via blogs but follow them via reading. Another tool which would be useful is the “subscribe” tool, this allows followers to subscribe to one post and be notified if another post is posted or if comments are made on the subscribed post.