Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

After months of postponing and fighting the patent infringements, The Federal Court of Australia has unanimously overturned the interlocutory injunction that had barred the tablet from sale (full story). Samsung has now won the right to legally sell its flagship device in Australian stores.

After waiting for so long, following the law suits and patent infringements. I myself was ecstatic when I heard that Samsung would have the rights to sell, so what did I do? I did the only think many of us would do, I went to pick one up for myself.

I have had some time to play with this device and I must say that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is amazing. It is lighter and thinner than the iPad 2, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 sports a multitouch 1,200 x 800 LCD panel giving more screen space than the iPad 2. The screen is based on Samsung’s Super PLS technology which is as bright, vibrant and colourful as you could ask for. Look here for further specifications.

The scrolling and rotating animations appear slightly lags compared to the iPad 2, and when gestures are made such as swiping and scrolling, there’s a tiny delay before the it registers. These are general Android bugs which will hopefully be fixed when Ice-Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) is introduced.

Samsung has also incorporated its TouchWiz 4.0 customisations into the regular Android interface. These include a mini apps tray and live panels for youtube and news articles. The notification and settings area at the bottom right of the screen is replaced with Samsung’s own version, offering simpler one-touch access to frequently used settings.

The speakers are remarkable, delivering loud, clear and crystal sound. The Galaxy Tab also sports a 5.1 surround sound feature when watching movie files.


  • Light and Thin – the lightest and thinnest in the current market
  • Flash Support – view videos embedded in many websites
  • Touchwiz 4.0 – simple and easy navigation, convienient
  • Custom Screens – manage each screen with live widgets etc
  • Speakers – 5.1 Surround Sound feature
  • Battery – 9 hours of use
  • Screen – 10.1 Screen
  • Polaris Office – works amazingly well with dropbox


  • HoneyComb 3.0 – lags
  • Apps – Fewer when compared to the iPad


In my opinion The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the best Android tablet currently in the market. Its slick performance, lightweight chassis and excellent screen and speakers. The OS is slowly getting better with the anticipation of Android 4.0 hitting the tablet sometime this year, the device will perform more smoothly compared to HoneyComb 3.0. As for the common debate of which device is better, I will leave the decision to the readers.